We want you to enjoy using The Askblog List. That said, we have a few rules.

The Askblog List aims to be a categoriser of all kinds of askblogs, and to cultivate a community of people who care about them just as much as we do. But to do this, we want everything to run as smoothly as possible, and so we have a few rules that we'd like you to follow.

There are a lot of places on the Internet where you can roam freely, uninhibited by these rules. If you don't want to follow them, please, go there instead.

Otherwise, take a gander - there's only a few of them, and they all should be common sense.

1. No spamming.

The dictionary defines spam as an assortment of meat packed together in a tight bundle. Here at The Askblog List, though, we define spam as "unsolicited advertising". Spamming is very bad, and will get you banned, no questions asked.

Yes, we know, part of the reason The Askblog List exists is to advertise your askblogs. But since that's the point, that kind of thing is "solicited". Here's what we mean by "unsolicited":

1a. Do not link anything that is not an askblog or a roleplay account/blog.

This is super easy: if you don't use it to answer questions, tell a story, or roleplay (or if you do so very little on it), then it doesn't belong here. (For example, if your "OC blog" is 90% reblogs of funny cat pictures, it's not really an askblog and thus not really appropriate for The Askblog List. No matter how cool cats are.)

1b. Don't try and circumvent the voting system.

Getting all your friends to vote for your askblog is fine. Hey, we don't even mind if you vote for your own askblog, or even if you use both your computer and your phone to do it! Voting for your own askblog demonstrates that you're active, and not willing to give up without a fight. :)

But there are limits. If you use, say, your own personal botnet, or pay people to vote up your link, and we find out about it, you'll be banned.

2. No bullying.

Guys, this one should be super obvious. But, in case you're not sure:

2a. Do not threaten violence towards another person.

In many countries, threatening someone with violence is a crime. If you're unsure, err on the side of caution, because that's certainly the tact we're going to take when moderating comments.

2b. Do not insult the way a person looks or acts.

No-one likes a meanie. Especially not our banhammer.

2c. No hateful slurs.

If a slur is a derogatory name for any kind of group, please, don't use them. Even if you're a member of that group.

2d. Don't post other people's private information.

Everyone has a right to privacy. If they want to reveal personal information, that is up to THEM, not YOU. Posting the personal information of someone else is usually petty and vindictive, and will get you banned, no questions asked.

3. No copyright infringement.

Let us make very clear that we understand there are many askblogs out there that use copyrighted characters. That's fine, feel free to add them. We believe fan askblogs are transformative works, and thus protected under many copyright laws out there.

However, there are still rules involving copyright that we'd like you to follow:

3a. Do not use copyrighted images without the rightsholder's permission.

We may love askbloggers and want to show them our love, but we also have to respect them. If you are NOT the creator of an image, and you wish to submit or post it, please get their permission first.

3b. Do not add blogs that are mainly or wholly copied from other blogs.

By this we mean actual content, not concepts or ideas. Unlike some people, we don't mind if you're the three-thousand-and-twenty-ninth Doctor Whooves blog - you might be able to make yours unique, and if not, at least fun!

But taking content from someone else and claiming it as your own is a big no-no. No one likes a copycat.

4. Please leave the drama at the door.

We want The Askblog List to be a fun place to visit. Drama is never very fun, and almost always ends up with people being hurt. That's why we request that you take your drama elsewhere.

4a. Talk about the askblogs, not the person.

We really don't care what the artist or writer does in his spare time. That kind of stuff is suitable for Encyclopaedia Dramatica, not here.

4b. Do not harass creators.

If you wish to file a complaint against a creator, email us at admin@askbloglist.com. DO NOT leave five dozen comments on our (or their) blog.

4c. Do not impersonate other people.

Guys, pretending to be someone you are not is not cool. Seriously.

4d. Do not reply to people breaking the rules of this site.

All you're doing is giving them a platform. Instead, email us at admin@askbloglist.com and we'll investigate the matter.

4e. When a moderator or admin says "drop it", DROP IT.

If you feel a moderator or admin is wrong, don't reply. Instead, email us at admin@askbloglist.com, and we'll look into it. That's not to say that we'll agree with you, but we might.

Alright, that's it! Follow these rules, and everything should be peachy.

The Usual Spot team.

Last updated 24 January 2015

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