We at The Usual Spot care about your privacy.

Privacy is one of the most basic human rights available, and we want you to know that we hold your privacy as paramount. That said, to help us do our job and pay the bills, we do need to collect some information. This page tells you how we do it, what information we collect, and who we share it with.

Please read this page carefully, because by using this website you agree to these terms.

First, some definitions.

Below are some terms that we use so we don't have to put long strings of lawyer text everywhere.

"The Usual Spot", "we", "us" and "our" refers to The Usual Spot Company, which runs The Askblog List.
"You" and "your" means, well, you, whether or not 'you' are a person or legal entity, and whether or not you're using The Askblog List for personal reasons or on behalf of your employer.
"The Askblog List", "this website" refers to this website, located at http://askbloglist.com/, and any and all services it provides.
"Privacy Policy" refers to this document (just so we're clear. :P).
"Third-Party Services" refers to any website, program or service not run by The Usual Spot.
"Partners" refers to any company not run by The Usual Spot that we work with to bring you this website.


The Privacy Policy covers what information we collect, how we collect it, and how we handle your information. It also discusses the what, how and when of sharing your data, both with our Partners, and with Third-Party Services.

Please note that the Privacy Policy does not cover companies and individuals that access the public data on this website without our explicit consent, nor does it apply to any Third-Party Services that you may access through the use of The Askblog List, so please be careful what you post. If you consider any information private, you should not post it publicly on this website.

When we adopt a Partner, we try and only go for the ones whose privacy policies mesh with our own Privacy Policy. That said, we don't take any responsibility for what Third-Party Services do with your data. For the safety of your privacy, you should check out their privacy policies too; our Partners' privacy polices will be linked where relevant in this document.

Information we collect

Below is a list of information we collect:

Information you give us

When you register an account with us, we ask you a few questions, like your username, email address, and date of birth. This is to uniquely identify you in our system (so you don't have to remember a long number string to log in) and ensure you are old enough to use our website. We do not share these without your consent.

Information your computer sends us

Every time you visit a website, your browser sends it some information about your computer. This includes:

This data is completely anonymous and is not linked with your user account in any way.

Public content you submit to the website

This includes:

This information is public, and you should be careful what you submit.

Your IP address

An IP address uniquely identifies your computer on the Internet. In order to enforce our rules about voting, we store an IP address with every registered vote for up to 24 hours, but never any longer. The only IP addresses we store for longer than 24 hours are those of known spammers.

What we do with your information

Information you give us

We use this information to uniquely identify you in our system (so you don't have to remember a long number string to log in) and ensure you are old enough to use our website. We do not share these without your consent, and we would never sell your email address to someone else.

Information your computer sends us

We use this information to improve The Askblog List. For example, if a number of people are using a specific mobile browser, we might create a mobile version of that website tailored for that browser. If we get a large percentage of, say, Russian viewers, we may consider making a Russian-language version of this website.

Your IP address

We use this information to enforce our rules relating to voting, and to help fight spam. For example, we will deny any additional votes made from the same computer to the same askblog within 24 hours.

How we share your information

We do not ever share information we receive from you unless:

  1. we have your explicit permission to share that information, or
  2. we have explicitly told you what information we will share beforehand and with who we will share it, or
  3. that information is anonymous data points in aggregate, so as there is no way of identifying you personally.

User content

All information you submit about an askblog is publicly viewable and linked to your username. Because anyone can see what you post, and because search engines and other websites can index and, in some cases, cache pages on this website, you should take care in what you submit, and make sure it does not contain any information you wish to remain private.

Information submitted to Third-Party Services

As this is a directory, there will be many links to external websites. These websites have their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for what they do with any data you submit to them. We also can share, on your request, posts to Third-Party Services; they have their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for what these Third-Party Services do with those posts.

Who we share your information with

At the risk of sounding repetitive, our Privacy Policy covers only information we collect. It does not apply to Third-Party Services that you can use via this website, and you are responsible for reading and understanding their privacy policies.


Some information that we collect that could be used to identify you we share with Partners in order to better our services. For example, we might share the IP address or email address of suspicious posts with Partners in order to help fight spam, both on The Askblog List and abroad. These Partners may have partners themselves. Unless we tell you otherwise, they are required to only use this information for the express purposes required of them, and they are not allowed to share this information beyond what is required to perform those duties.

Transfer of assets

If, for whatever reason, we decide to buy another service, the data we receive from that company will likely include personal information. Conversely, if, for whatever reason, we decide to sell our business, get acquired by other means, or go bankrupt, then our assets will be transferred to the buyers. In either case, you acknowledge that the data can be used as laid out in this Privacy Policy, whoever eventually ends up owning that data. (In either case, we'll give the users affected clear warning beforehand.)

Law enforcement

In some cases, we will be required by law to provide information to law enforcement officials, for example via a subpoena. We may also, at our sole discretion, store and/or disclose data in order to obey law or regulations.

You, at your request

If you ask us to release information about yourself, then we will do so if reasonable and not a burden.

A few other things...

We can't guarantee how secure your data is

While we will try to prevent external and unauthorised intrusion and protect your data, including using encryption where applicable, we cannot prevent or predict everything. Unauthorised access or intrusion, whether physical or remote, or software or hardware failure, or any other issue may compromise the security of your information at any time. It is important, therefore, that you choose a good passphrase to protect your account, and limit access to your account by signing off when you are done.

Chances are your data will visit places you'll never go :(

While we are a New Zealand-based team, our servers are located in the United States of America. If you live outside the United States, then your data, including any personally identifiable information, will cross national boundaries and be transferred to the United States for storage and processing. Also, any public information will bound across state, territory or national borders to get to the viewer's computer.

You can modify or even delete your account information at any time.

If you feel that some of your account data is no longer accurate, then feel free to modify it at any time using our account tools.

If you ever feel like your time on The Askblog List is no longer meaningful, or for any other reason, really, you can delete your account. Please note that it may take some time to purge your data due to backups, caching, or other references. Additionally, some public data, including comments, reviews and links, will remain on the site.

We are legally bound to tell California residents what kind of their information we share for marketing purposes
(but anyone can request that, we're not fussy.)

Pursuant to California Code 1798.83 (aka the "Shine The Light" law), as we are sure to interact with residents of California at some point in time, we are legally obligated to tell you what kind of personal information we share with other companies for the purposes of marketing, and to give you the contact information of those companies, should you request it. If you are a California resident and would like a copy of this information, please pop an email to privacy@askbloglist.com.

If you're not a California resident, that's fine. Shoot an email to the above address and we'll be happy to oblige anyway. :)

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.

If we think the Privacy Policy could be improved (or we've read a good critique of the Privacy Policy that we agree with) then we can and will update it. But, we'll be sure to notify you as well via email, so you can read it too.

But if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, complaints or critiques, feel free to send us a line.

You can contact us regarding our Privacy Policy via the following email address: privacy@askbloglist.com We want to make sure we're doing a good job, so we'd love to hear from you.

The Usual Spot team

Last updated 25 June 2014

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