Taking advantage of how our brains perceive motion, animation is a medium where a series of painted, drawn or rendered images are displayed upon a screen in rapid succession.

Welcome everyone! I have some art and a little story for you ~
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Ask King Sombra
King Sombra isn't quite dead yet.
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John is a Novum experiment in hiding. In hiding where you ask? Why on the Emmers Grain farm! Family owned and operated, he's kept under a strict regime by his dubbed cousin, Baily, and looked after by his appointed elderly, Aunty Emmers. But how will a created-and-bred city stallion adapt to the simple farm life? Not well I'd imagine...
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Ask Autumn Leaf
A My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ask blog dedicated to the OC pony Autumn Leaf. Mostly sfw, but can be occasionally nsfw when the occasion arises. Just like any good story, Autumn Leaf goes through a wide range of experiences, including anger, happiness, heartbreak, endurance, love, and occasional insanity.
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Kur, a quirky snake-like shapeshifting goof of a guardian, and its pragmatic pegasus pony pal, Sparkle Puff, live happily on the fourth wall! They monitor the comings-and-goings of the pony realm and hang out with their many friends while learning.. well.. absolutely nothing! Still, jump on it, the ride should be a blast~!
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Ask Netflix
A blog centered around Netflix, the pony representation of the popular movie and TV show rental company.
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Shattered Truths
This blog is an ask and story based mlp oc. The two main characters featured are Squall and Talin, good friends but with quite the checkered past. These twists hold the key to unlocking each other's fates, but is it possible for fates to change? Curruntly the blog is ask driven, but there are large plans for a story arc in the next few weeks.
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Ask PON3lectric [discontinued]
[This blog is no longer active.] A blog following the everyday lives of the famous DJ PON-3 (Vinyl Scratch) and aspiring musician eV (Cirrus Tail), the members of the newly-formed band PON3lectric. This may include lazing about the studio, hanging out with friends, going on tour, or actually getting some work done. Mostly a random-questions blog with a few story arcs.
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A dark story about a shattered family featuring Ditzy (Derpy) and her daughter Dinky. Come along for the ride, there just might be a light at the end of this tunnel.
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