The basics

What the hey's an askblog?

An askblog is a roleplay account that responds to questions posted through a virtual mail slot, so to speak. It may have a story, or it may just be answering questions. Often the answers are drawn in art format.

So, you're a... list of... askblogs?

Well, yes, obviously, but we're more than that.

We're a place where you can show your appreciation for askblogs you like! You're allowed one vote per day, and every month the voting gets reset, so the website acts as a constant measure of what askblogs are popular in the community.

Not only that, but you can discover askblogs that focus on things you're interested in! Categories allow you to drill down to whatever takes your fancy, whether it be different takes on Twilight Sparkle or an adventurous OC!

If you create an account with us, you can add askblogs you want to keep up with to your favourites. (Trust us, if your Tumblr dash is as messy as ours, you really want to use this feature! ^^;)

And finally, we'd be nothing without people actually adding askblogs in the first place!

There's a bug/glitch/error!

Click on the Feedback tab at the side of the page, fill out a description of the problem, and we'll try our best to fix it. Or, if you prefer email, shoot us a message at

Is there a mobile version of this website?

Not at the moment, sorry! ^^; We are working on one, so please hang tight!

Why do you call them 'askblogs' when others call them 'ask blogs' (with a space)?

Obviously it's all down to personal preference, but we think the word looks better without the space. *shrug*

The rules

What are the rules?

The rules can be found at the easy-to-remember location (or you can check the footer at the bottom of every page. :p)

Also make sure you read the terms and conditions!

What happens if I break the rules?

Why are you asking that kind of question? Are you doing something suspicious? *stare*

Well, what happens depends on the seriousness of the rule broken, as well as the degree to which you break it. Sometimes we'll let you off with a warning, sometimes we'll just remove your offending material. If it's one of the more serious rules, we'll take measures to block you from accessing the website, either temporarily or permanently.

What do I do if I disagree with an action taken against me?

You can send an email to Be nice and pleasent about it, and we'll probably look into it.

Help! I've been blocked and I didn't do anything wrong!

Again, describe the problem in an email to Hopefully it will turn out to be just a big misunderstanding, or some kind of bug.


How do I vote?

Simple! Find the blog you want to vote for, and click the nice big "[Vote for Comic]" button underneath.

It says I've already voted!

We only allow one vote per IP address every 24 hours. While we'd like to imagine everyone in the world would respect that rule even if we didn't enforce it, we know there are nefarious types out there, so we use techno-wizardry to try and stop people from voting more than once during a 24-hour period.

If for some reason a block stays active for more than 24 hours, be sure to contact us at and we'll see if we can't sort it out.

Askblog details

What are the different kinds of askblogs?

We allow three different kinds of askblogs:

What do the ratings mean?

The Askblog List uses a rating system with three tiers:

You can also select warnings to apply to the askblog. There are two warnings:

What's the difference between 'Fan blogs' and 'Original characters?

Fan blogs are blogs featuring characters and worlds based on the works of another author. Original character blogs feature characters and worlds that were created by the askblogger.

If I have an askblog for an original character created for a work I'm a fan of, does it go in the 'Original characters' section?

No, sorry. The 'Original characters' section is for purely original characters. Please put fan OCs in the appropriate folder under 'Fan blogs'.

One of the askblogs isn't in the right category/doesn't have the right kind listed/doesn't have an appropriate rating!

Shoot an email to and we'll see what we can do.


Why would I want to create an account?

Two reasons, really:

  1. Getting an askblog on the list: With an account, you can create and manage links to your own askblogs.
  2. Favourites: With an account, you can create a list of favourite askblogs, for quick access to both the askblogs themselves and to voting for them.

Alright, how do I create an account?

First, click on the "Request Invite" button at the top-right corner of any page. Fill out your email address and, if you have one, your askblog name and URL, and you'll be added to our invite list.

When the time comes, we'll send you an invite, which will have a verification code on it. You'll need to visit the website, click the "Log in" button, click the "Or enter your verification code" link, and enter your email address and verification code into the form. Fill out the registration form (which will include your askblog's details if you submitted your invite with one), and your account will be registered!

Please note that while you don't have to have an askblog to request an invite, we'll give people with askblogs priority over those who don't when sending out invites.

I had a problem registering!

Send an email to, and we'll try to help you out.

How do I change my username?

Sorry, you can't. :(

How do I change my email address or password/passphrase?

Click on your username at the top-right corner of the screen (or just head to Click "Account", and then click either "Change email" or "Change passphrase".

For security purposes, to change your passphrase to a new one, you will have to enter your current one.

How do I delete my account?

Click on your username at the top-right corner of the screen (or just head to Click "Account", and then click "Delete account". Type in your passphrase, and then click "Delete account" to confirm.

Someone got into my account!

Send an email to, and depending on the situation we may be able to help.

I deleted my account by accident/without thinking about it properly! How do I recover it?

Deleting your account is permanent. You can not recover your account or any askblog links associated with that account - you will have to create a new account and start again.

I forgot my password! Help!

Send an email to and we'll see about resetting your password.

Adding and managing askblogs

How do I add an askblog to the list?

Click on your username at the top-right corner of the screen, then click on "Manage your askblogs". Click "Add a new askblog", fill out the form, and click "Submit Query".

How do I edit an askblog?

Click on your username at the top-right corner of the screen, then click on "Manage your askblogs". You should see a list of your askblogs; find the one you wish to edit and click on the "Edit Details" link beside it.

I clicked on Select Category, but there's no button to actually choose one!

You can only select a category that has no subcategories in it. For fan blogs, that means you must select a character category if a work category has them. When you do so, the Select Category dialog disappears and the Category field will display your chosen category.

How do I select multiple categories/characters/works?

At this moment, it's not possible to select multiple categories. For now, choose the category that best fits your askblog or is the most prominent element.

How do I delete an askblog?

Click on your username at the top-right corner of the screen, then click on "Manage your askblogs". You should see a list of your askblogs; find the one you wish to delete and click on the "Delete" link beside it. Type in your passphrase to confirm deletion, and click "Delete askblog".


What is the Favourites list?

The Favourites list provides a single place where you can vote for or visit askblogs you like or want to catch up on regularly.

How do I access my Favourites list?

Click your username in the top-right corner, and then click on 'Favourites'.

How do I add a my Favourites list?

Find the askblog you want to add, and click the "[Add to Favourites]" button beside the Vote button.

How do I remove an askblog to my Favourites list?

Click the Remove link beside the askblog in your Favourites list.

I can't see the [Add to Favourites] button!

You must be signed in to use the Favourites feature. If you're signed in and still can't see it, shoot an email to

About the team

Who the heck are you anyway?

We're The Usual Spot - not in the book, but at your service!

The Usual Spot is a group looking to create stuff people want to use. Hopefully that includes this website! ^^;

Right now we specialise in websites, but that may not be the only thing we do in the future.

I think you're doing a great job! Is there any way I can show my appreciation?

Well, we are kind of starving artists/programmers, so money is kind of an issue. We need funds for improving the website, renting servers, and for other, more ambitious projects we plan to do in the future.

If you'd like to donate, head over to

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