Update: Forgotten passphrases, login page polish, automatic vote resets, and some other stuff

Hiya! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  ^^; I’ve been a bit busy over the past few months, but now I’m back with a new update!

While this update doesn’t include the new feature I talked about last time, I thought I’d ease back into this with a nice small update to get the ball rolling. (Next month I hope to roll out at least a couple of new features – but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself there. ^^;)

New forgotten passphrase page

No more searching around your noggin if you can’t for the life of you remember the passphrase you signed up with! With this update there’s the new Forgot Your Passphrase page, accessible from the Login page.


Links (and tweaks) for the Welcome page

I’ve rewritten the Welcome page that you see when you log in to The Askblog List.

The most important update to the page is new links to your Favourites list and Settings page, so you don’t have to go back to the home page and click your username to access these pages. Other than that, I’ve reworded the link to the home page so it doesn’t imply it’s leading to your Favourites list (^^;) and changed the title so it’s not taking itself as seriously as before.

loginsuccess-old loginsuccess-new
Old login welcome page at top, new one at bottom.

Polish for the Login page

The login page has also gotten a few changes. The most noticable is the increased size of the text boxes and the login button – the difference in size in the old page clashed quite a bit.

I’ve also reworded the “Or enter your verification code” line to make it more clear that it’s the thing you need to put the code that comes with invites into.

 login-old login-new
Old login page on the left, new one on the right.

Last of all, the Askblog List logo now links to the home page like every other page on the website. 🙂

Vote records are now cleared automatically

The Askblog List now automatically clears vote IP records every day (rather than relying on me to do it manually). No more relying on my poor human brain to remember to reset it manually, thus delaying the ability for you to vote again!

(Technically I actually pushed those changes at the beginning of the month, but I still count it as part of this update. For reasons.)

Small tweak to the HTTP cache commands

In the last update I added commands to the website that tell ISPs to serve pages on the Askblog List directly, instead of using proxy servers to cache content. This update includes a small tweak to those commands so they only apply to website pages and not images or other content.

Updates to the Invite tools in admin settings

The Invite Tools in Admin Settings have gained three new features (that I’ve only just gotten around to implimenting. ^^;) First, the revolutionary new ability to reject (that is, delete) invite requests  without going into the database (something that will only be used for spam, rest assured!) Second, the ability to resend an invite with a single click (without manually copy-and-pasting one together in an email client) for when your first invite code gets stuck in the mail or something. And third, the invites management page now displays invite codes alongside the invite email address, so I can send you them even when you’re not getting any emails from the website (again, without having to delve into the database).


If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I’ll see you next month – I’ve still got a couple of interesting things planned. Ciao!

Mark Kéy-Balchin

Changelog for 29th Jun 2015 update:

[+] Added Forgot Your Passphrase page.
[*] Reworded Welcome page and added links to Favourites and Settings pages.
[*] Increased size of User and Pass textboxes and Login button on Login page.
[*] Reworded “Or enter your verification code” line on Login page to make it more obvious the verification code in question is from an invite.
[*] Changed invite email to reflect the new wording of the invite verification code link.
[*] Changed HTTP headers so that pages tell ISPs to avoid using transparent cache proxies when visiting this website.
[*] Added scheduled reset of vote IP records for every day.

Admin tools
[+] Added Reject Invite tool.
[+] Added Resend Invite tool for invites which have already been sent.
[*] Invite verification codes are now displayed in the Invites table on the Invites Management page.

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