Update: Vote page shortcuts and News section

Hi thar askbloggers! Hope you guys had a great holiday! Today’s update is relativity small, but I hope you’ll find the changes helpful.

Shortcuts to Favourites and Edit Askblog on vote page


I’ve added a link to the vote page which will add the askblog you have voted for to your favourites when you click on it. If the page is already on your favourites list, it will be replaced with a “View other favourites” link.


Additionally, if the askblog is one of your own (:p), it will show an Edit Askblog link.

New News section on the home page

Until now, the only way to keep up with changes in The Askblog List was if you clicked on the tiny link in the footer reading “Blog” or if you stumbled across our Tumblr page.

No more! Now the front page has a News section, containing links to the last three blog posts, as well as a link to The Askblog List’s Tumblr page.

To facilitate this change, I’ve changed the layout of the front page somewhat so the Category links are closer together – this gives me enough room to add the News section without pushing down any of the other content – and the About section is flush with the left side of the page – this means that it won’t look out of place with the other sections with differing indentation.

I’ve also edited the text in the About section somewhat to improve the clarity of instructions there, and added in direct links to the Request Invite page where appropriate (nudge nudge!)

A huge thank you to everyone who’s signed up so far. I’ve got some neat things planned for 2015, so until then!

–Mark Kéy-Balchin

Changelog for 20th Jan 2015 update:

[+] Added “Add to favourites”/”View other favourites” link to the vote page for logged in users.
[+] Added “Edit askblog” link to the vote page for askblogs owned by the logged in user.
[+] Added News section to front page.
[*] Improved wording of About section, added links to Request Invite page where appropriate.
[*] Made spacing between category links smaller to fit News section on page.
[*] Aligned About section so that it’s flush with the rest of the page, so that it doesn’t look out of place with the News section.

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