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Update 17 Sep 2014: Humble Pie Edition


Thanks to a diligent tipster, I’ve been informed that the Select Category dialog for the Validation Sign Up form has been borked since the last update.

While the image below on the right might look like a statement of, ahem, “stark minimalist design”, it’s really a bug that caused the categories to not be displayed in the Select Category dialog on the Validation Sign Up page. (On the left is the same dialog in Askblog Settings – in other words, how it’s supposed to look.)

Select Categories dialog as it should look... addaskblogcat2

The good news is, the bug has now been squashed, and the dialog should be working properly now!

A reminder, you can send in bug reports by shooting an email to, or sending an ask to our Tumblr page at It’s stuff like this that not only makes the website better, but sends some humble pie my way, and helps maintain the masquerade of me not being a silly dunderhead to boot. :p

If you’re interested in the cause, it’s because when I replicated the code from the Select Category dialog in Askblog Settings to the one in the Validation Sign Up form, I forgot to exclude the check for a logged-in user, meaning the categories would only appear to someone who was already logged in (i.e. no-one who was using the Validation form). Eheh. ^^;

Anyway! Below, as usual, is the changelog. Later days!

–Mark Kéy-Balchin

Changelog for 17th Sep 2014 update:

[-] Fixed bug where categories in Select Category box in Validation Sign Up page would only display if a user was logged in.