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Update: Favourites! (plus some minor things)

The Askblog List has just been updated! Here’s what’s changed:

New feature: Favourites

Signed-in users are now able to add askblogs to their Favourites list!


You can do that by just clicking on the [Add to favourites] button beside the Vote button.

The Favourites list is accessible by clicking on your username at the top-right and clicking on Favourites (or going to


It provides an easy way to visit and vote on specific askblogs that you really enjoy (provided they’re on the List, of course).

It’s also a good way to check on askblogs you want to keep up to date on, if your Tumblr dashboards are as messy and noisy as mine is. ^^;

This isn’t all that’s planned for the Favourites feature, but I’ll talk more on that when it’s done.

‘Back to parent category’ links for subcategories

Also in this update, askblog categories now have links to their parent category at the top, so you don’t have to click the home page link and track back through the various categories again.

‘Help and FAQ’ update

The Help and FAQ page have been updated with new questions and answers about Favourites (of course).

As well as that, I’ve also added answers to other sections. Two clarifying the role of the ‘Fan blogs’ and ‘Original characters’ section (reminder: the latter’s for purely original characters not attached to a fanbase – fan OCs go in the ‘Fan blogs’ section), one on how to use the Select Category dialog box, one covering the inability to select multiple categories, and one on what to do if you have problems signing up.

Lastly, I corrected the question about signing up to The Askblog List, which was left over from an earlier private version of the site.

Minor things

Category pages should now load faster, as I’ve done some optimisation in how the website gets askblogs in subcategories of the current one.

I’ve also removed the “x blogs” description under category links from the Select Category box when adding or editing askblog links. Because it only listed blogs directly in that category, it was pretty useless as an indicator for how many blogs that category represented (especially for categories with subcategories, as those don’t directly contain any askblogs).

Behind the (admin) scenes, I’ve added in moderation tools for askblogs (so I don’t have to go in the database and manually do things) as well as substantially improved the Edit User moderation tool when dealing with changing only one of the user attributes.

Below you can find the changelog. As always, you can submit bugs or feedback to, or via the Feedback tab on the side of the page.

–Mark Kéy-Balchin

Changelog for 11th Aug 2014 update:

[+] New feature: favourites lists.
[+] Added “Back to parent” links for categories.
[*] Optimised how categories retrieve askblogs from subcategories.
[-] Removed ‘number of blogs’ indicator in Select Category box.

[+] Added section in ‘Help and FAQs’ on favourites.
[+] Added questions dealing with the main two sections of the site.
[+] Added question dealing with the operation of the Select Category dialog box.
[+] Added question dealing with problems registering an account.
[*] Modified the “So, you’re a… list of… askblogs?” and “Why would I want to create an account?” questions to include the favourites feature.
[*] Corrected “Alright, how do I create an account?” question that erroneously referred to a “Sign up” button, and added description of the invite process.

Admin tools:
[+] Askblog moderation tools added: manual add, edit and remove.
[*] Edit User moderation tool now automatically fills in user name and email into form text boxes.
[*] Edit User moderation tool now assumes blank password box means ‘don’t change password’.
[-] Fixed bug with Edit User moderation tool where it didn’t exclude the original user name and email address when checking if those values were unique.

Thanks everyone!


I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who signed up last week! Everyone’s invites should either have arrived already or should arrive by the end of the day (remembering that we’re in New Zealand, so you guys in the opposite half  might have to wait until tomorrow.)

We especially want to thank the mod of Ask Autumn Leaf for their rocking (and completely unexpected) post about the website, which made us feel really super happy about starting this whole thing in the first place! Seriously, I’m just relaxing in a cloud of happy feels right now. 😀

Just a reminder: send any administration or account enquiries to, and any feedback or bugs to Cheers!

–Mark Kéy-Balchin