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Details on askblog categories

For launch we decided on a list of six fandom medium categories (with 17 works represented with their own subcategories) and six OC genre categories that we thought would be well represented out there in the world of askblogs.

We feel we’ve chosen a balance of fandom-based and genre-based categories that we feel will cover most of the bases. [Unfortunately, there were a few fandoms that we wanted to use but had to be left off the list because we couldn’t find enough askblogs for it! 🙁   ]

If you think there’s a category we missed, you can always give us a shoutout by clicking on the Feedback tab at the left of the main page, by commenting on this blog, or by sending us an email at As we go, we’ll be adding categories when enough askblogs appear for a certain group, and merging categories that don’t make sense any more because of a lack of popularity.

Fan blogs

The launch fandom-based categories are as follows:


  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
  • Avatar The Last Airbender
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Marvel Animated Universe
  • DC Animated Universe


  • Marvel
  • DC
  • Homestuck


  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings

Live Action

  • Doctor Who
  • Star Trek
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe

Video Games

  • Portal
  • Bioshock
  • Final Fantasy
  • The Legend of Zelda


Some fandom categories have subcategories for specific characters as well, so you can drill down to, say, all the different versions of Pinkie Pie, or GLaDOS.

Each section also has an “Other” subcategory for works without their own folder. 🙁

Original character blogs

The genre-based categories are only for purely original characters – that is, no fandom affiliation whatsoever. Fandom-based OCs go in their fandom’s appropriate category (and some even have special subcategories for OCs.)

The original character genre categories are as follows:

Adventure, Action, Horror, Fluff, Slice-of-life, and Other OCs.

We hope you use these tools to your best advantage!

Mark Kéy-Balchin

Beta launch is go!

Hiya, Mark here!

You may have noticed (by the change to the front page) that we’ve gone ahead and flipped the switch on the beta version of The Askblog List! We’ve got it to a point where we feel it’s usable, for the most part, so we wanted to get it out there ASAP.

If all has gone well, you should be seeing quite a few categories on the homepage. I’ll talk about that tomorrow, but for now I’ll say that the categories represent what we feel is a good balance for popular askblogging fandoms and genres.

By the way, those who signed up for invites should be getting their emails soon, so hang tight! (And right now anyone signing up now won’t have long to wait either – it’s kind of a short list right now. ^^;)

We really want to hear feedback from you guys and girls, so please send it in! You can contact us by clicking on the Feedback tab to the left of the main page, by leaving a comment on this blog post, or by sending an email to

Also, please note that during the beta test URLs may change significantly as we try different things out, so if you do link to your vote page in the sidebar of your askblog, please at least keep an eye out for if the URL does change. And, as noted before in a previous post, while we will try to make sure nothing goes wrong, something might, so we can’t guarantee any information you give us will survive the beta test either. We’ll try to prevent that from happening, though!

Lastly, I’d also like to draw attention to our list of questions and answers that we imagined you might have. (If there’s any more you can think of, please, ask away!)

Have fun!

Mark Kéy-Balchin

Oh, and just a note – the Favourites system I talked about earlier hasn’t yet been implemented – it’ll be coming in the next version, so if you were waiting for that it’ll be here a bit longer than planned. Ciao!