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Hiya, it’s Mark! Hope you’re having a happy new year!

We want to be as helpful as we can to newcomers of the askblog world. (That is, after all, why we’re making this site!)  So we’ve decided to make a list of places you can turn to for help.

If you know of any others, please tell us in the comments below!


Askblog 101 – Answers questions about making askblogs, occasionally posts articles, promotes new askblogs, and reblogs prompts.

Roleplay Guide and F*** Yeah Roleplay Advice – while these are focused on roleplayers, a lot of the advice can be also applied to askblogs. The latter in particular also answers questions from and gives tutorials about askblogs as well as roleplaying.

The Creepypasta Ask Hub – While the main purpose of this blog appears to be to collect a list of creepypasta askblogs, it also answers general questions about askblogs.


Tips For Creating Your Own Tumblrpony Blog by The Tumblrpony Wiki

Creating An Ask Pony Tumblr by The Pun Pony Project

Pony OCs – Where Do I Start by /r/MLPOC


Prompts and Pointers – writing tips and prompts.

/r/WritingPrompts – similar to the above, but on Reddit. :p

/r/whatstheword – For when you can’t think of that, uh, collection of letters separated by spaces or punctuation used to convey meaning? Oh, right, word!

/r/AskFictizens and /r/IAmAFiction – these subreddits allow you to roleplay as your character, to kind of get a feel for them. In /r/AskFictizens, one posts a question to the subreddit, and the rest answer in-character. In /r/IAmAFiction, one posts a short description of their characters, and the others ask questions about it. Note that both are purely original characters only.


Writing Guide by FimFiction‘s Ezn and Writing: A Manual for Story Creation by De Writer, although focused on fanfics, are worth looking in to because they also cover story mechanics, terminology and tips for planning out a story, which are applicable to both story-focused, ‘plain’, and text askblogs alike.


/r/comic_crits – a subreddit for constructive criticism of sequential art (useful for story askblogs.)

/r/learnart and /r/drawingschool – two subreddits for learning how to art and for getting constructive criticism.

Face Claim Helpers – this blog is for helping roleplayers or askblogs with face claims, which is when you use photographs of someone as a stand-in for your character.

/r/MLPDrawingSchool – a reddit for constructive critique of pony art.

MLP Constructive Critiques – a Tumblr blog for getting critiques about pony OC character designs, with a specific focus on how close to ‘canon’ designs are. (Also read their No-No Guide for a discussion on common pitfalls.)

/r/RateMyOC, /r/ponycreator and /r/mlpoc – subreddits that specialise in discussing pony OC characters.


The HTML Masterpost by ask-wiggles

Finding and Sharing New Askblogs (and Promoting Your Own ^^)

General (apart from us, of course! :p)

/r/Askblog – a reddit for submitting askblogs to!


TV Tropes Ask A Pony list – a list of the major pony askblogs.

Tumblrpony Wiki – You can create a summary page for your pony askblog here, and look for others too.

OC Art Challenge – People submit other people’s askblogs, and then others submit artwork of it. You are not allowed to submit your own OC.

Pony Confidential – a site that posts light-hearted ‘rumors’ about pony OCs.

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