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02 Sep 2015 | Happy first anniversary for The Askblog List!
29 Jun 2015 | Update: Forgotten passphrases, login page polish, automatic vote resets, and some other stuff
24 Jan 2015 | Update: Tweaks, fixes, rules clarifications and helpful information
20 Jan 2015 | Update: Vote page shortcuts and News section

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What is The Askblog List?

The Askblog List is a voting site for askblogs. Because every askblog is sorted into a category, niche askblogs won't get as crowded out by popular ones - fans can drill down to their favourite genre, show or character.

What's an askblog?

An askblog is kind of like an interactive webcomic or story. People ask the characters of the askblog questions or give them prompts, and the character will respond to them, often in the form of art. Some askblogs have entire stories to them, while some are just answering questions.

Tumblr is home to the vast majority of askblogs, mainly thanks to its integrated Ask feature and the ease of reposting content.

How do I...?

If you'd like to know more about how this website works, check out the Help and Frequently Asked Questions section.

Are you starting an askblog of your own, or do you just need some help with it? Check out our Askblog Resources, Advice and Help list.

Why isn't there very many askblogs here?

Sorry about that! ^^; It's early days for this site right now, which is why we need askbloggers to sign up and lend us their links!

I have an askblog! How can I get it on the list?

First, you've got to create an account with us. Fill out the Request Invite form and wait for your invitation to arrive. Follow the instructions in the invite, and your account will be registered!

Then, once you're logged in, you can create an askblog by clicking on your username at the top-right corner of the page, clicking on Manage Askblogs, and then clicking the Add link.

Note that we verify that the owner of the blog is the one submitting it, so please don't submit an askblog unless you own it!


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